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The Saskatchewan Polytechnic Heavy Equipment Truck & Transport Technician program is designed to give you basic training in two high-demand mechanical trades at once. Heavy duty equipment technicians work on large mobile equipment—bulldozers, cranes, graders, loaders and earthmovers used in construction, mining, forestry and more. Truck and transport mechanics work on trucks, buses and highway transport vehicles for dealers, garages and transportation companies.

At our new Trades and Technology Centre, you will learn the skills necessary to assemble, repair, service and maintain all types of Heavy Equipment and Truck/Transport vehicles. You will spend most of your classroom time in our new large shop with our experienced industry-trained instructors where you will receive an education placing you at the forefront of the technical curve. A two-week on the job work experience component in an industrial setting will build on your practical skills and knowledge.

Students may apply for Level 1 and 2 Technical Training credit and trade time upon indenturing as an apprentice with the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission.

Why Parkland College?

  • Parkland College has developed strong ties to the businesses, industries and community it serves.
  • Many businesses in the area provide practicum opportunities and actively recruit our grads because they know they are educated to their own recommended standards.

Tuition & Course Info

Tuition: $6,786.31
**International students: Please refer to International Student Admissions for tuition information.
Books & Materials: Approx. $2,300.00
Fees: Approx. $1,100.00
Date: September 11, 2023 – June 3, 2024
Length: 36 weeks
Location: Trades and Technology Centre, Yorkton, SK

*Tuition costs and dates are subject to change up to 3 months prior to delivery.*



BRAK 113 Brake Systems Air Theory
BRAK 114 Brake Systems Air Shop
BRAK 115 Brake Systems Hydraulic Theory
BRAK 116 Brake Systems Hydraulic Shop
DRTR 106 Drivetrain Introduction Theory
DRTR 107 Drivetrain Introduction Shop
DRTR 108 Drivetrain Intermediate Theory
DRTR 109 Drivetrain Intermediate Shop
ELEC 102 Electrical Basics Theory
ELEC 103 Electrical Basics Shop
ELEC 104 Electrical Starting and Charging Systems Theory
ELEC 105 Electrical Starting and Charging Systems Shop
HVAC 101 Environmental Control Systems
TRLR 102 HVAC and Auxillary Power Systems Theory
TRLR 103 HVAC and Auxillary Power Systems Shop
HYDR 110 Hydraulic Basics Theory
HYDR 111 Hydraulic Basics Shop
HYDR 112 Hydraulics Advanced Theory
HYDR 113 Hydraulics Advanced Shop
JOBS 125 Essential Job Skills
MAIN 104 Structural Components Theory
MAIN 105 Structural Components Shop
MAIN 106 Tracks and Undercarriage Theory
MAIN 107 Tracks and Undercarriage Shop
STER 102 Steering Systems Theory
STER 103 Steering Systems Shop
STER 104 Steering and Directional Control System Theory
STER 105 Steering and Directional Control System Shop
TOOL 154 Tools Basic Theory
TOOL 155 Tools Basic Shop
TRTR 100 Truck and Trailer Systems Theory
TRTR 101 Truck and Trailer Systems Shop
WORK 149 Work Experience
MATH 169 Trade Mathematics
Important Notes

Important Notes:

  • PPE required for work placement includes: CSA steel toe work boots, safety glasses and coveralls. Students will also need to supply their own hand tools for work placement.
  • GPA Grade Point Average of 60% or higher is required for each term. An overall 60% GPA is required to graduate with a certificate from Saskatchewan Polytechnic.
  • Heavy Equipment Truck & Transport Technician meets the technical training levels 1 & 2 for Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC). To have this training technical training recognized by SATCC, your overall average must be at least 70% with no more than 10% absenteeism. Your training will be recognized by SATCC for approximately 2.5 years from the end of your program. This means you will need to register as an apprentice with SATCC within 2.5 years from the end date of the program. A field consultant from SATCC will visit your class and share information on apprenticeship. Please visit the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship website for more details.
  • Students are responsible for transportation and accommodation for the work experience component.
*Program delivery contingent upon Industry demand and support.*

Career Opportunities

Graduates will have the knowledge and skills needed to sell, operate, maintain and repair heavy equipment, trucks, buses and transport vehicles. Start your career in an equipment dealership, transportation company, public transit operation, service and rental company. There are also hands-on jobs in construction, forestry, mining and oil and gas industries, as well as opportunities to move into sales, marketing and management. You could also open your own business.

Admission Requirements

  • Grade 11 with Foundations of Math 20 or Pre-Calculus 20 or Workplace and Apprenticeship Math 20. Special Admission – ACCUPLACER is available.
  • English language requirement
  • Non-refundable application fee: $60.00 (online) OR $90.00 (paper)
  • International students: please refer to the International Application and Admission Process for more information



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